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  1. ation of all external lookups, which are now done ahead of time by the master servers
  2. Last Heard status. Update (11:24 UTC): All services report up and running. The cause of the outage was a problem while migrating one of the 4 lastheard storage servers to there new datastore. The machine is recovered and back in to service. Update (10:12 UTC): The broken machine is back online and the LH is recovering
  3. Date Link Name Link ID Slot Call Type Source ID To TG State Duration RSSI Loss Rate Reflector ID Repeater Call Source Call Source Name Destination Call Destination Nam

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BrandMeister Last Heard Lookup. Use this tool to search the BrandMeister Network for users, to find the last place. that they showed up. Wildcard searches are available, please use the percentage symbol (%) for multiple characters, or you can use an underscore (_) to replace a single character. For example, searching for M_3% would return all M3. Today on DMR. BrandMeister Last Heard and other things. More recently I have been viewing activities on the various dashboard was well as listening to the various groups. One of the most interesting dashboards is the BrandMeister Last Heard dashboard. Its advanced Search panel is extremely powerful in that you can identify activities of all Users, Repeaters, Talk groups, Clusters and. Hotspots connecting to a BrandMeister Master Server in the USA will now require their users to set a hotspot security password. The configuration change will happen on the following dates: Master 3101 : November 27th, 2020. Master 3102: December 4th, 2020. Master 3103: December 11th, 2020 DMR Lastheard mit allen Netzen - UPDATE! Veröffentlicht am 17. Juli 2016. 18. Juli 2016 von BM-Team DL. Artem Prilutskiy. Die Digtal DMR Lastheard mit allen Netzen wurde heute upgedated. tnx Artem Prilutskiy, Rudy Hardeman and @DL5DI Hans-J. DMR-LastHeard BM262.d

http://brandmeister.network is the main Dashboard; Worldwide Talk Groups. The Talk Groups that are available worldwide and based on the spoken language and geographic area. These Talk Groups may be configured as Dynamic Talk Groups. After the PTT press, the repeater transmits activity on this talk group for 15 minutes after last PTT press

Brandmeister LastHeard - HAM-DMR information for Luxembourg DMR Campfire: listen live: TG 31666: DMR of Anarchy: listen live: TG 31667: Old Friends: listen live: TG 31668: Sta-Mar: listen live: TG 31670: Florida Gulf Coast: listen live: TG 31671: Youth ARC: listen live: TG 31672: PI-Star Chat: listen live: TG 31673: R5AUXCOMM: listen live: TG 31674: Maritime Radio Historical Society: listen live: TG 31675: REF020A Bridge: listen live: TG 31676: Allstar 46031/Wires- The official Belgian HAM-DMR dashboard for the BrandMeister network! Toggle navigation BM 206. Last Heard; Hotspots; Repeaters; TG's; Users w. Errors; BM Dashboard; HoseLine; Last Heard. Talker Alias Source Repeater / Hotspot Destination Type Signal Loss Duration Time; Loading Show ID's more all 2061 206 Heard last on DB0WTL: DMR-Brandmeister mobile device. TYTERA MD390 UHF Take your digital two way communications almost anywhere outdoors with the Tytera MD-390 Waterproof DMR Digital Portable Two Way Radio! The MD-390 provides the same amazingly clear, full quieting digital voice communications as the TYT MD-380 without walloping your wallet, and adds an extra layer of dust and water.

BM Dashboard. The international BrandMeister dashboard Hoe starten met DMR? Toestellen. Hytera; Tyt; DVMega; MMDVM; DMR software. BrandMeister; DMR CPE by Cathy G6AMU; BlueDV; Dashboard. Last Heard; Repeaters; Hotspots; Talkgroup use; Users with Errors; Unique users last 24h; All Data 6h; BrandMeister. BrandMeister Network; BrandMeister News; BrandMeister Registratie; BrandMeister Selfcare; BrandMeister Support; SysOps; FA Last-Heard-Liste. neue Last-Heard-Liste mit Filter-Funktion: Link; Dashboards der IPSC2 in Deutschland: IPSC2-DL-RPTR: Link; IPSC2-DL-Hotspot: Link; IPSC2-DL-Nord: Link; IPSC2-DL-DMR: Link; Für Nutzer des Hamnet. IPSC2-HamCloud (Hamnet-IP): Link; Weitere Informationen. Neuigkeiten und Hinweise zur Verwendung, hauptsächlich für Relais-Sysop TGIF Network - Last Heard. Toggle navigation TGIF Network Monitoring. Last Heard Active Talkgroups Talkgroup List Server Status. Help. TGIF Setup FAQ Forum Support Tickets. Registration . Sign In Register. Station Info Close. Radio ID: 1234567. DMR Begriffe; DMR Technik; Sprechgruppen manuell aktivieren; MMDVM-DMRGateway / Hytera-DMRGateway; XLX DMR Österreich; Erklärungen DMRGateway-Eintragungen; Empfehlung TG Zuweisung bei DMRGateway; DMR Handbuc

DMRID RUFZEICHEN ORT BUNDESLAND AUSGABE EINGABE CC; 1: 262808: DB0AAT: Hochberg / Traunstein: Bayern: 439.5500: 431.9500: 1: 2: 262273: DB0ABG: Ahrensburg: Hamburg. Brandmeister is one of several DMR networks that amateur DMR repeaters connect to. With over 3500 repeaters connected worldwide, and several thousand connected hotspots, it's easy to see that it is a vast network. Their website, https://brandmeister.network/ has a plethora of information if you know where to look Home. DMR. Download. D-STAR. Fotoalbum. HABHUB. Kontakt. Impressum. DG4LX

General channel settings - set ARS to On System/Site Change and Compressed UDP Data Header to DMR Standard. In the TX settings for your channel set GPS Revert to Selected, Data Call Confirmed to On, and CSBK Data to Off. You will need to do this for each channel on the BrandMeister repeater. After setting up your radio you will need to configure the gateway so your location information. Brandmeister is a group of around 120 repeaters connected to a master server to provide access to the international community. The network comprises of around 25% repeaters and 75% hotspots users. The network comprises of around 25% repeaters and 75% hotspots users Brandmeister. VE3LSR is a DMR repeater on the Brandmeister System reporting to the US Northeast Server (3101) Basic TALKGROUPS. Name_____TG_____T Dans l'incertitude sur le retour du master Brandmeister DMR France 2082, nous avons mis en place un master 2081. Il est dès à présent disponible Lire la suite. Master 2082 indisponible suite à l'incendie OVH. 2021-03-10 Informations BrandMeister DMR France. 11 Mars 2021 D'ici 24h nous allons restaurer un master BM FR. Il aura malheureusement une nouvelle adresse IP. Nous allons.

Wie DK5RAS heute in der Brandmeister DMR Facebook-Gruppe berichtete, wird ab dem 01.03.2021 das Standardpasswort für Hotspots nicht mehr länger von den Masterservern akzeptiert. Jeder Anwender ist angehalten, bis dahin ein eigenes Passwort zu setzen. Weiterlesen. Neuer DMR-Einstieg in Kerpen-Buir // DO0KB. 06/12/2020 DO6BD Daniel Brandmeister, Digitalfunknetz. Seit Ende Oktober gibt es in. PAPA DMR repeaters are networked via the BrandMeister DMR network. BrandMeister allows the user to decide how a repeater is connected to the network, as opposed to the C-Bridge network where those connections are defined at the C-Bridge level. See our Repeaters pages for maps and details on our 18 sites offering Analog, D-STAR and DMR service.

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Dieser Beitrag wurde unter Allgemein, Brandmeister DMR Netzwerk Obb, DMR veröffentlicht. Setze ein Lesezeichen auf den Permalink . ← DMR DMR+ und IPSC2 Server TS1 TG20 auf allen OE Relais wieder aufgeschalte 13/06/2020 DO6BD Daniel Brandmeister, Digitalfunknetz Gestern Morgen hat der Telegram Bot mir mitgeteilt, dass meine DMR ID via Private Call gerufen wurde. Daraufhin habe ich mein Hytera PD985 angeschmissen und den openSpot eingeschaltet, in der Hoffnung den Anrufer noch erreiche

BrandMeister Tool gives you access to the Last Heard list from your Android phone or tablet BrandMeister Live gives you access to The Hose from your Android phone or tablet You can use these applications to expand and enhance your experience using BrandMeister repeaters This new firmware can be found in the Downloads section. 2. Change log: CPS->APRS-> AprsDisTime, allows to set the APRS display time on the screen. CPS->APRS -> Aprs Alt Data, allows to set the APRS altitude to fixed beacon use. CPS->Public -> APRS -> Analog-> Digipeater Path, allows to input more digipeater paths. Last Heard. DMRVA Last heard; DMRVA last heard (new tab) AWSVirginia Last heard; K4USD Last heard; NCPRN Last heard; Apply for Radio ID; Virginia DMR Nets; Contact u Below is a list of Brandmeister DMR Nets that have been compiled from multiple resources. Not all nets have been verified. Please send a message via the form below if you know of additional nets or items that need to be edited. Download the BMDMRNets.ics calendar file to import to your calendar application, or subscribe to the public google.

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DMR Campfire: TG 31666: DMR of Anarchy: TG 31667: Old Friends: TG 31668: Sta-Mar: TG 31670: Florida Gulf Coast: TG 31671: Youth ARC: TG 31672: PI-Star Chat: TG 31673: R5AUXCOMM: TG 31674: Maritime Radio Historical Society: TG 31675: REF020A Bridge: TG 31676: Allstar 46031/Wires-X: TG 31677: OEI Repeater Group: TG 31678: Catawba Valley DMR: TG 31679: BlindHamsgroup.io: TG 31681: Search and Rescue US DMR BrandMeister Tool. This app will allow you to view the live real-time last heard data. It will also allow those with DV4Mini's to connect their dongle to different talk groups from their phone..

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Die DMR Netze verfügen über zwei Zeitschlitze (TS=Timeslot genannt) und pro Zeitschlitz über verschiedene Sprechgruppen (TG=Talkgroup genannt). Zeitschlitz 1 . TS 1 hat im DMR plus Netz die Sprechgruppen TG 1 Weltweit, TG 2 Europaweit, TG 20 D-A-CH (DL/HB9/OE), TG 262 Deutschlandweit (Umsetzer in der Schweiz haben an dieser Stelle TG 228 für HB9 und in Österreich TG 232 für OE usw.) und. Download DMR BrandMeister Tool for Android to this app will allow you to view the live real-time last heard data. Join or Sign In . Sign in to add and modify your software. Continue with Facebook. Last Heard. C-Bridge; Brandmeister; Member Directory; Contact; Event Calendar; Members Area. Member Login; Update Profile; Password Reset; Radio Gear. North Georgia Communications; Submit An Article; Home→DMR Info→ BrandMeister Talkgroup Table. BrandMeister Talkgroup Table. Below is a prototype table of BrandMeister talk groups. Click the link to activate the talkgroup on the Hoseline site. Erste Schritte auf unserem Brandmeister DB0UFO dem UFO DL2MEE - Klaus Buchenrieder Wenn man sich ernsthaft dazu entschlossen hat DMR zu machen, muss man zuerst eine persönliche DMR-Id beantragen. Die DMR-Id ist eine Registrierung damit man im DMR-Netz sowohl die Relais und die Services überhaupt erst mutzen kann DMR Grundlagen •Betriebsfunk Standard (ETSI) •Modulation: 4-level FSK •12.5 kHz Bandbreite •Sprach-Codec: AMBE2+ 11.01.2017 Holger Riethmüller DL8SCU

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PNW DMR will follow the Brandmeister conventions of TS 1 (may change to TS 2) being PTT (Dynamic) primarily and Timeslot 2 (may change to TS 1) will be for the full time (static) for our local or primary talkgroups, which are also connected to the PNW DMR c-Bridge. Timeslot 1 PTT (Dynamic): PNW area talkgroups 31530 through 31539 may be static at times . Timeslot 2 Full time (Static): Idaho. DMR-MARC worldwide DMR repeater map, including North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. VA3XPR Toronto's Digital Ham Radio Repeater Connection Below is an interactive map showing all of the DMR repeaters connected to the DMR-MARC, DMRPlus and BrandMeister networks around the world 8/18/2020 Update: The DMR operation is returning to normal. Due to the firewall security issue, several repeater sites lost connectivity and needed to be rebooted in order to re-establish a link to the conference bridge. Site visits have been occurring over the past few days and the last couple of sites should be back b RATS hosts a secondary DMR repeater on the Brandmeister platform, operated by club member Jay Lovelady KD4BPZ. This repeater is on 443.5375 MHz and is co-located with the W4RAT repeater system. The antenna is at about 450 feet on the tower. This repeater was relocated from downtown Richmond in December 2019 and flies the WA4FC call. Before going on the air, repeater users should be familiar.

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DMRX Watch was a last heard list for the DMR community which displays the obvious information that you would expect and also includes signal strength, loss information, and was completely sortable and filterable. Additionally, we used to produce reports of the Top 10 users, repeaters, talkgroups, and networks, based on talk time. We are no longer adding new functionality to Watch based on. Minnesota DMR imagine a better more capable network. Where do I begin. Where do I begin; What is DMR; Request DMR ID > Dashboard. Brandmeister Last Heard > K4USD Netwatch > DMRx Dashboard > Nagi's Dashboard NØAGI; Where's Breakfast? Minnesota Repeaters. MSP-Airport(AIR) N0BVE > Burnsville-BuckHill(BKH) N0AGI > Bloomington(BLM) NØNKI; PortableBloomingtonWest(BLW)-WA0CQG; CentralMinnesota.


BrandMeister Talkgroup List There are 1046 available TalkGroups on the BrandMeister network. The below table is generated by connecting to the BrandMeister, this data is live as of the time this page was loaded. (API) https://app.brandmeisteractivity.live/ VE3WZW ANDR start time: duration: source peer alias: source radio alias: dest. bridge group: RSSI (dBm) site name: loss rate: 09:22:10.0 May 4: 4.180: BM3104 - -- 393104: WA0RE. DMR-Ruhrgebiet.de. Das wird die neue Startseite von www.dmr-ruhrgebiet.de. Es ist für mich preiswerter und einfacher zu bearbeiten. Ich habe jetzt alles an einem Or

Michigan's weekly DMR net, hosted on BrandMeister TG 3126. Pages. Home; Information; Net Statistics; TG3126; Net Control; Codeplugs; Boot Screens; Other Nets ; Custom Anytone Boot Images If anyone wants a custom startup / boot screen for the Anytone line of radios (868, 878, 578), Dustin N8RMA is happy to put something together for you. These are custom made images that are formatted to be. What I heard was that starting next Friday the 3101 server would cut off users, followed by 3102 and then 3103 each of the following weeks. Well that was Thursday night I learned this and I assumed next Friday was December 4th. I went searching the internet for confirmation and read that before December, this would be required. Well forward about 12 hours to today and I've now heard that at. The operation and maintenance of the DMR-MARC Canada network is made possible by the generous donation of time and financial resources from its members, sponsors and volunteers. If anyone would like to make a donation toward the improvement and operating of the DMR-MARC Canada network, please feel free to make a donation as your support is greatly appreciated Brandmeister network DMR repeaters and hotspots world map. Select band: [+/-] 136-174. 144-146. 430-440. 400-470. All bands. Select power: [+/-] 0-5W >5W >10W >25W >50W >100W. All. Filter by time: [+/-] Last day only. Last week. Last month. Very old. Near last hour hotspots and repeaters.

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BrandMeister always adds your call sign in front of the APRS Text field. In the last heard list you can see which users have set this text and which have not. The default value is DMR ID:3106xxx. Here is an example of some people with APRS Text, and some without. I'm not trying to call anyone out here, just providing an example Labels: Active Talker, Brandmeister Last Heard List, Canada Last Heard List, DCI c-Bridge Netwatch, DMR Last Heard List, Dstar lastheard, Last Heard List, Repeater List, Repeater Map No comments: Post a commen When do I need to use the 2-digit DMR ID suffix? BrandMeister encourages their use for operators who have more than 1 hotspot active. You append a 2 digit suffix to your DMR ID for each hotspot. Example for 2 hotspots for operator with ID 3021234 might be one with 302123405 and the other with 302123455 BrandMeister Talkgroups. Hoseline. — A capability to listen to talkgroups using a browser, prior to early 2020, apparently permanently disappeared by September or October 2020. Hoseline fails with a 502 Bad Gateway error message. A message in Telegram stated that the developer is no longer interested in the project

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Session ID Date Link Name Link ID Repeater Call Slot Call Type Source ID Destination ID State Duration Loss Rate Source Call Source Name Destination Nam Alexa, Open DMR Track Utilities => Activates the skill for use, you can now speak commands Hotspot Authenticate [123456] => Once you enter your brandmeister apikey and hotspot ID this will link your alex Many have switched over to the QuadNet Array on talkgroup 31012. It is a multi mode network which combines D-STAR, Brandmeister DMR, DMR Plus, Yaesu System Fusion and also Wires-X. For more information about the Array you can visit the QuadNet website at www.openquad.net . Reactions: WX4JCW, kc4jgc and K5MPH. SlyFerret Member. Joined Dec 19, 2002 Messages 68 Location Delaware, Ohio. Jul 7.

Cluster 2 & Talkgroup 31121 – First Coast DMR

A while ago I released a little web app that aggregates activity on the Brandmeister DMR network in order to show which talkgroups and users are most active (see here). Around the middle of last year, I got messages from some folks in the community that the app had stopped working. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I wasn't able to take a look until earlier this month. It turns out that the network had made some changes to the events that their API delivers, and it was a simple fix to. Brandmeister Slot 1 Link Talk Group 23520. GB7DJ is linked using reflector 4412 on Brandmeister If using a DMR radio this would be TS1 TG23520. Click here to see who was last heard on GB7DJ (Northwich) Or look up a user, change the call at the end, must be in CAP GB7RR Last Heard Users; Live DMR Users; BrandMeister Dashboard; Tytera DMR radios; Mason Electronics DMR; Hoseline DMR receiver; BM1UK.com DMR/C4FM Bridge; GB7RR information. Output Frequency 439.600 MHz . Input Frequency 430.600 MHz. 9MHz Split. DMR colour code 1. Latest News. June 2018 - GB7RR temporarily off air from June 1st 2018 due to site loss. The team are currently searching for an.

DMR Dashboards und Monitore. SwissDMR/Brandmeister (enthält auch verlinkten Traffic aus dem HB-TRBO und DMR+ Netzwerk). LastHeard Schweiz - Aktivität über HBx-Relais und HBx-Hotspots; LastHeard weltweit - Aktivität weltweit; Brandmeister Hoseline erlaubt live Mithören des Funkverkehrs (in stark reduzierter Qualität).Direkt-Links: TG 228, TG 2280, TG 2281, TG 2282, TG 2283, TG 2284, TG. LA5YR og LA2YRR er digitale repeatere som kjører DMR. LA5YR Brandmeister LA2YRR Brandmeister.. Følg med på: Landsoversikt, talegrupper / repeatere. Brandmeister Last Heard / LA LB 2421. Brandmeister Last Heard -> 242. brandmeister.network DMR BrandMeister TG 31088, D-STAR DCS/XRF303D, YSF 31088, NXDN 31088, P25 31088. Colorado Severe Weather. DMR BrandMeister TG 31083, D-STAR DCS/XRF303A, YSF 31083. Mountain Skynet. DMR BrandMeister TG 31084, D-STAR DCS/XRF303B, YSF 6735 DMR Brandmeister: Brandmeister: 147.0600 +0.6 MHz: CC1 : Mamie, Powells Point: Currituck: W4PCN: OPEN : DMR Brandmeister: 147.3900 +0.6 MHz: CC1 94.8 / CSQ : Waynesville, Chambers Mountain: Haywood: N4DTR: OPEN : FM DMR 440.1000 +5 MHz: CC1 : Wilson: Wilson: NE4J: OPEN : DMR PRN: NCPRN: 440.5125 +5 MHz: CC1 : Greenville, FC1 - SMAT mobile repeater: Pitt: NC4ES: OPEN : DMR NC4ES Cluster: 440.5250 +5 MHz: CC The description of DMR BrandMeister Tool This app will allow you to view the live real-time last heard data. It will also allow those with DV4Mini's to connect their dongle to different talk groups from their phone without having to do this at their PC. With the latest update you can even see which talk group DV4mini users are accessing

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Brandmeister Top Activity Simple SPA that aggregates the last heard stream from the Brandmeister DMR network to show the most active talk groups, callsigns, etc. Created by Alex Gladd, K3HEX. This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Feedback. Please feel free to report bugs, feature requests, etc. on the issue tracker. Contributin Brandmeister is a worldwide network of interconnected digital mobile radio (DMR) repeaters that allow amateur radio operators to make contacts across the globe using only HTs. More info: http://www.dmrfordummies.com/brandmeister-network/. Brandmeister home: https://brandmeister.network/. 1 -> changes to last heard @HH:MM:SS after PTT was released 3. Callsign (transmitting station) 4. Name (transmitting station) 5. DMRid (transmitting station) 6. Callsign + Type of Repeater / Hotspot 7. Transmission Timer (MM:SS) Below the display you can find the currently to the repeater connected Talkgroups. The background colour indicates the kind of the TG like on the labels above the display When checking in, wait for the beep then please give your callsign, name, location, and radio information. Sometime the transmissions double or there is network contention preventing your transmission being heard. It is useful to monitor BC-TRBO Callwatch or Brandmeister Last Heard to confirm your transmission is successful. We follow a format

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